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BMW N54 Spark Plugs OEM

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Set of Six OEM Spark Plugs BMW N54

OEM Bosch BMW N54 Spark Plugs

Bosch ZGR-6-STE2 (BMW SKU: 12 12 0 037 244) 

Recommended for stock N54's and lightly tuned N54 engines. If you are running a tune only then the OEM Bosch plugs are still a great option, however, any FBO N54 engines running 400+whp should upgrade to 1-step colder spark plugs.

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Set of Six (6) BMW N54 Spark Plugs - OEM Bosch

These OEM N54 spark plugs should be replaced every 40,000-50,000 miles on stock boost. Tuned or modified N54's should have their spark plugs replaced every 15,000-25,000 miles. 400+whp N54 engines may consider colder plugs.

I ran these OEM Spark Plugs on my modded BMW N54 for over 35,000 miles (went through 3 sets of OEM plugs in 35,000 miles) before upgrading to one-step colder plugs. My N54 had a JB4 tune, downpipes, DCI, and frequently ran 25-40% E85 mixtures. The OEM spark plugs did not have many issues with those mods, however, the one-step colder plugs have been an improvement.